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Profile: Dr. Korzenny is a Professor of Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication, and Founder and Director of the Center for the Study of Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University. He independently consults with major U.S. corporations on their Hispanic marketing strategies, and speaks to them about approaches to better connect with Hispanic Consumers.

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Latinos over index in the hair styling product category: Brands make a difference

Posted on May 08 2013 by

Dr. Korzenny uses data from EMS’ Simmons National Hispanic Consumer Study to look at brand the use of hair styling products among Latinos.

The mystery of bleach, brand loyalty and the Latino story

Posted on Apr 23 2013 by

Using data from EMS’ Simmons National Hispanic Consumer Study, Dr. Korzenny looks at brand loyalty of bleach products among Latinos.

Hispanic attitudes and behaviors by socioeconomic level

Posted on Nov 01 2012 by

Using data from the Simmons National Hispanic Consumer Study we explore socioeconomic level as it relates to attitudes and behaviors of US Hispanics.