Google Finance – After the Redesign

I’ve had several requests to provide some numbers on finance.google.com in light of their redesign this week. Here are some quick daily stats from this week:

On Wednesday 12/13/06, Google Finance ranked 16th in our Business & Finance – Business Information category with .78% market share of visits for the category up from last Wednesday’s 22nd position with .68% market share. Still the industry leader, Yahoo! Finance with 37.3% market share for the category, has over 50x the market share of Google Finance.

Here’s a daily marketshare of visits chart for Google Finance:

Daily Market Share of visits for Google Finance
With a clearly compelling set of features and slick design, why is the gap between Google Finance and Yahoo! Finance so large? Aside for brand and switching cost issues, One possible explanation is the differences in distribution channels for the two finance sites. For 12/13/06, Google received 57% of its traffic from the Google homepage (www.google.com) primarily from search on stock ticker symbols. Yahoo! Finance in contrast received only 1.7% of its traffic from search with over 55% of its traffic coming from the Yahoo! front page and My Yahoo! pages.