Lead Qualification and Enrichment

Real-time insights on prospects, it's the first step to scoring better leads

Acquire deeper understanding into your potential clients before you implement your online marketing campaigns. We offer dynamic services that allow you to know what types of messages motivate an automotive consumer's purchase behavior, score leads based on your own criteria, and update consumer contact information. This allows you to quickly determine the validity of a lead and respond in the most efficient way possible.  

Real time insight on prospects and consumers

Verify the quality of consumer data for the right marketing decisions

  • Confirm consumer name, phone and address information
  • Rank and target prospects with the best contact information
  • Identify duplicate prospects and return customers
  • Standardize address information

Enhance data to better understand consumer motivations

  • Tap into powerful marketing data and summarized credit statistics
  • Expand your view of consumers before you engage them
  • Understand consumer hot buttons and optional messaging strategies
  • Power advanced decisioning with more robust data

Act with the best information wherever and whenever the consumer enters the sales cycle

  • Maximize conversion, retention and consumer profitability
  • Rate purchase propensity, lifetime value and other key metrics
  • Segment consumers, factoring in Experian's unique data assets and your data
  • Automate and power customer relation management decisions and process in real time
Did you know?

Our exclusive insight into consumer attitudinal and behavioral characteristics provide breakthrough targeting capabilities.

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