Auto Loyalty

Get the next generation of loyalty reporting to increase customers' lifetime value.

Loyal customers not only make businesses profitable, they are what make a business last. Our loyalty products offer a deeper, more insightful look into loyalty with intuitive reporting that allows you to get a 360-degree view of factors correlating to loyalty, and they also provide a better understanding of industry-wide loyalty trends through unique conquest and defection views. Our game-changing methodologies provide you with actionable information that you can use to keep more customers and optimize trend analysis and planning efforts.

Client Loyalty

Our client loyalty study combines highly predictive customer data with Experian's comprehensive data - including vehicle, demographic, lifestyle and behavioral data, as well as Summarized Credit Statistics - to provide you with a more complete view of your customers. Experian's exclusive method allows you to better understand your market in order for you to influence loyalty and keep more customers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Gain efficiency by prioritizing resources in areas with the most potential for results
  • Initiate a "preemptive" strike to retain customers most likely to defect
  • Leverage Experian's scale of data assets from one, original-source provider
  • Receive ongoing measurement to determine the effectiveness of your strategic loyalty initiatives
  • Interact with your data using a customizable tool to meet your needs
  • Benefit from the latest patented loyalty method for cutting-edge results
Industry Loyalty

Our industry loyalty study is the next-generation loyalty reporting tool. It provides quarterly reports of new vehicle purchase loyalty - across the industry and at numerous levels and time periods - to get ahead of the competition and optimize trend analysis and planning efforts.

Understand Loyalty and Repurchase Migration
Experian Automotive provides clients with more than a snapshot of industry loyalty trends. Our product offers a deeper, more insightful look into loyalty with an intuitive data software tool that is an industry first. Now you can surf through:

  • Unique conquest and defection views by corporate, brand, model and your custom vehicle segment scheme
  • Multiple loyalty definitions that reflect true consumer behavior, including what vehicle was in the garage at the time of purchase and which vehicles were disposed of when returning to market
  • Segmentation of your customers' loyalty by lifestyle, garage composition and geography

Executive Overviews
Get our exclusive executive summaries that provide easy-to-understand overviews of valuable industry-wide and client-specific information. Findings are presented using insightful charts and graphs to help present actionable findings that are easy to absorb.

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