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In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it has never been more important have the detailed automotive information you need to make crucial business decisions across your entire automotive business. Experian® has a complete range of automotive-specific services to provide answers to the tough questions your business needs to get ahead ... and stay ahead.

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Automotive Expertise

Experian Automotive is redefining the automotive information category by providing a richer breadth of data assets than what the competition currently can bring to the marketplace. Because the challenges and complexities of the automotive business require solid automotive-specific information, our National Vehicle Database is equipped with information on nearly 700 million vehicles in the United States and Canada. That information includes title, registration, mileage readings and key vehicle events.

Scale of Experian Data

Experian Automotive leverages the industry's largest in-house data assets to provide a greater range of automotive information — all from one data provider. With a robust combination of automotive, demographic, psychographic, credit, and online/offline behavioral data, automotive businesses can get the comprehensive views they need to get ahead in today's market.

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One hundred percent of the top ten auto manufacturers partner with Experian for one or more of our innovative products.

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