Bringing Your Organization Experience Where It Counts

Experian® Affinity has a proven track record of helping businesses grow their relationships with customers. We bring years of experience and expertise in supporting affinity partnerships with top brands, financial institutions and business organizations. 

  • Personal credit- and identity-focused membership base of 12+ million
  • America’s #1 provider of online credit scores and reports1 with more than 3 million credit reports delivered monthly  
  •  Industry-leading fraud resolution by Experian employees who resolve cases 97% faster than the typical consumer2  
  • Solutions, such as Lost Wallet and Score Tracker, that protect and empower your customers

Compliance & Regulatory Expertise

Security is a valued commodity for our business and our partners. As a leader in the marketplace we:

  • Maintain top levels of security awareness and data protection throughout our organization and infrastructure
  • Understand and comply with strict regulations on data privacy and control
  • Navigate the same or similar regulatory complexities as many of our clients

1 comScore Media Metrix, 2013

2 Experian revolves most fraud cases in under one hour. On their own, consumers spend 30+ hours resolving fraud, according to the 2011 Identity Fraud Survey Report by Javelin Strategy & Research.

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Award-Winning Call Center

Best in Class Call CenterExperian Affinity is a part of Experian Consumer Services, awarded Best in Class Call Center at the 2013 Call Center Excellence Awards.