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Experian Health helps medical groups ensure they are paid quickly and accurately for the services they provide. We're here to help you lead the way in healthcare with our powerful data, analytics and reporting capabilities. 

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Arm yourself with powerful data for faster, more accurate reimbursement

Experian Health can help

Having the right tools makes all the difference. Our award-winning, patented eCare NEXT® platform is designed to create a more efficient, accurate and productive user and patient experience. Our solutions provide you with the accurate data you need to collect more from patients before service, provide patients with self-service tools, submit clean claims for efficient reimbursement, negotiate better payer contract terms and effectively collect self-pay balances.

Payer reimbursement solutions

Patient Access – Verify patient information at the point of service to improve administrative operations and ensure payment

Claims Management – Submit clean claims, work edits and denials in priority order, and make sure reimbursements are paid correctly and payments are posted properly.

Contract Management – Verify the accuracy of healthcare claims and reimbursement, audit payer contract performance and quickly estimate pricing prior to service

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MGMA 2018 Annual Conference 
Sept 30 - Oct. 3 | Boston, MA 

Cerner Health Conference 2018
Oct. 8 - 11| Kansas City, MO


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