Coupons Boost Holiday Sales Revenue

November 23, 2009 by Experian Marketing Services

Two-thirds of U.S. Households Use Coupons
Two-thirds of American households (67%) use coupons. And while the vast majority of households using coupons (87%) say they use them to save money, 30% also say that coupons are a way for them to try out new products.

Newspapers are still the number one coupon source with 70% of coupon households still getting their coupons from a newspaper. The Internet is growing as a coupon source. A quarter of coupon households get coupons online today, up 46% in the last three years.

What Americans Buy With Their coupons
Nearly half of all American households use coupons to buy food/grocery products making them the most common items purchased with coupons followed by cleaning products and beauty/grooming products. Seven percent of households buy tobacco using coupons.

Where Are Coupons Redeemed?
Given that half of U.S. households use coupons for food/grocery products, it’s no surprise that 60% of all households redeem coupons in supermarket, grocery or convenient stores. While only a quarter of all households use coupons at restaurants/fast food chains, that number has risen by 9% since 2006, when 23% of households redeemed coupons at restaurants.

Coupons Attract New Consumers
With the start of the holiday shopping season around the corner retailers want to make sure consumers visit their store and/or website. One way to drive consumer traffic is with coupons. Close to 50 percent of American adults say they are likely to be drawn to a store they don’t normally shop at by a coupon. The Experian Simmons retail shopping segment known as Mall Maniacs make up just 12% of all shoppers, but that group is 82% more likely to be drawn to a new store by a coupon.

Percentage of U.S. Adult Population by Shopping Segment
Mall Maniacs and Status Strivers are 66% and 26% more likely, respectively, to appreciate getting emails that announce new products and services. Identifying these consumers is key to maximize online marketing dollars. Additionally, with more and more consumers shopping online, companies should ensure that coupons are redeemable both online and in-stores.