UK Spotlight: The Art of Decisioning at FutureForum

Published: June 20, 2024 by Managing Editor, Experian Software Solutions

Credit professionals from a range of banks, telcos and financial services businesses gathered in London’s Kings Place in June for one of the highlights of the Experian decisioning community: FutureForum. The forum fosters collaboration, networking, and insight, allowing customers to influence product development whilst staying informed on industry trends. This year’s event, The Art of Decisioning, offered a vibrant mix of insightful talks, thought-provoking discussions, demos of industry-leading capabilties, and, of course, a celebratory awards dinner.

Uncovering opportunities in the credit market  

FutureForum kicked off with a big-picture look at the state of the economy and some revealing insights into the credit market.

Experian’s Chief Economist, Mo Chaudri, was joined by Head of Strategic Propositions and Innovation, Natalie Hammond, to explain how the UK economy has stabilised after a turbulent period, with falling prices, much lower inflation and steady employment rates. Consequently, in recent months, there has been an increase in credit demand, particularly in the unsecured sector of credit cards and loans. As a result, the credit card market has seen its most substantial quarter on record, with over one hundred products now on the market. Additionally, the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) sector has experienced an accelerated growth rate of 14% among UK consumers.

While this surge has proven beneficial for lenders, Experian’s data reveals a significant portion of the population, totaling over 2.75 million individuals, either did not qualify or chose not to proceed with their credit offers. Among this group, 1.57 million individuals, constituting 61%, were assigned a 0% eligibility rating, while 1.08 million individuals, accounting for 26%, achieved a 100% eligibility rating. As a result, the opportunity for lenders to serve those customers and accelerate portfolio growth now exists within the market. But to do that, companies need to better understand their customers.

Investing in a Unified Platform 

Managing Director of Enterprise Strategy and Innovation Steve Thomas took delegates through Experian’s ongoing investment in innovation and problem-solving. Continuing to evolve the richest, most comprehensive data while developing a unified platform that connects data, machine learning, advanced analytics, decisioning and generative AI, all in one place is central to this. The Ascend Platform advances to decision and outcome monitoring for integrated customer management which can revolutionise the way organisations analyse, test and adopt new data and analytics, independently of Experian. The introduction of GenAI and enhanced RegTech functionaility enhances governance and transparency by efficiently integrating new data sets, enabling real-time monitoring, and ensuring comprehensive compliance through thorough documentation and auditing, removing inefficiencies from processes.

Through advancements in data and decisioning, businesses can build and test multiple models, understand customers better and make confident decisions across the customer lifecycle.

PowerCurve and data upgrades

A key element of Experian’s Ascend Platform is the suite of widely used Experian solutions. Ed Heal, Decisioning Director, presented recent investments in this area, which include migrating more of PowerCurve’s functionality to the cloud for a more agile offering, and a game-changing approach to data integration.

New data sources can now be directly integrated into PowerCurve within days instead of months, supporting areas such as affordability, Fincrime, buy-now-pay-later and eligibility. As well as making it much easier to add new data, PowerCurve Originations now comes pre-integrated with over 40 data links, including a number of ID and fraud services. These provide a wealth of sources to help businesses better understand consumers for improved lending decisions and to support regulatory and Consumer Duty obligations.

As for Strategy Design Studio, a new ‘lite’ version is being launched that’s faster, more visual and easier to use. With simplified processing, SDS means businesses don’t have to rely on strategy specialists to use it, improving operational efficiency and allowing users to test quickly and with confidence.

The rise of GenAI

It’s impossible to talk about the future without discussing AI. Chris Fletcher, SVP Decisioning and Cloud Solutions took to the stage looking at the latest developments in this area, with a focus on Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT.

Chris explored how businesses can use synthetic data and AI to train models and test strategy simulations based on dynamic changes to the economy that may impact credit risk rules or customer behaviour. He also looked at how GenAI can be used to quickly and easily write and edit lending policies, while supporting regulatory reporting. This led to an interesting roundtable discussion exploring some of the future possibilities of AI in the decisioning process.

Decisioning everywhere

As technology grows ever more powerful and we continue to converge data, analytics and decisioning into an integrated environment, FutureForum offered a chance to imagine the future of customer management.

Neil Stephenson, SVP Software Management, discussed how businesses can currently make customer-level decisions across multiple portfolios to drive collection and limit-management strategies.

But, he said, “Experian is also looking at how we can help businesses manage customer interactions more holistically in areas such as affordability or promoting new products. Imagine, knowing that a customer is spending a lot to have their car fixed regularly. Could they be thinking about buying a new car? Would this be the right time to offer a loan you know would be attractive to that customer?”

This customer hub approach to better service, made possible by Experian data and a unified platform, could introduce a new age of decisioning everywhere.

Celebrating our brilliant clients

After the speakers and panel discussions had wrapped up, it was time for delegates to relax, enjoy some good food and network with their peers and Experian experts.

The evening was also an opportunity to recognise our clients’ achievements and innovations with the FutureForum Awards. This year, congratulations go to Vanquis and Leeds Building Society for ‘Best Customer Outcomes’, Santander for ‘Best Technical Transformation’ and Principality Building Society for ‘Peoples Award – Best Business Outcome’.

Thank you to everyone who came along to FutureForum and made it another memorable event. To hear about Experian Decisioning Community events and experiences, please contact us decisioningcommunity@experian.com.

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