Steve Wagner on the future of consumer lending

Published: February 24, 2022 by Managing Editor, Experian Decision Analytics

future of consumer lending

Steve Wagner, Managing Director, Global Decision Analytics on Redesigning the future of consumer lending with data and analytics.

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“The good thing is that technology and data now allow businesses to put the customer journey at the heart of what they’re doing. With the advanced technologies available today, businesses can access relevant data and deliver on customer expectations in their moment of need. Whether it’s access to a loan or mortgage, or to consolidate debts, a real-time view of the consumer is possible.”

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  • Why the digital customer experience, enabled by both data and analytics, is the new battleground for many industries.
  • Consumers reporting they were online 25% more in 2021 compared to a year before.
  • Online retail sales saw four years of growth in just 12 months during the Covid pandemic.
  • Demand for frictionless journeys through biometrics or multimodal authentication mean customers can see the value exchange in sharing personal data.
  • Behavioural biometrics is the next frontier in tackling fraud and providing a seamless customer journey.
  • Technology is allowing us to analyse far more data sources in real time, providing a comprehensive picture of an individual.
  • Open Banking and the democratisation of data are part of the progressive change around data.
  • Importance of extracting the insight lenders and fintech providers need to implement the best customer journey and make the best decisions.
  • Businesses can make credit-risk decisions using automation and advanced analytics. This will lead to more opportunities for credit and better financial inclusion.
  • Harnessing the power of ‘insight everywhere’ for better knowledge bases.

“The application of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning is allowing businesses to tailor their services to an audience of one – at scale.”

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