Podcast: Managing innovation in a digital-first world

Published: April 20, 2021 by Angela Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Global Marketing Manager, Decision Analytics

In our first episode of the Women Making Waves in Tech podcast series, we hear from Shobana Balasundaram, Director of Product Management at Experian Global Decision Analytics. Shobana leads the product roadmap for PowerCurve Suite, Experian’s award-winning decisioning software platform.

Shobana’s passion for introducing new solutions and product features is contagious: “During my time managing this collection of software solutions, I have had the chance to bring some advanced analytics and machine learning features to market. Indeed, some of the new product features that I have launched have driven nearly half of our revenue growth in the past few years, which confirms that decisioning software is a growing area. And I love my job!”

Blending business strategy and tech advancements

Shobana discusses what it takes to bring business strategy to life by applying the latest tech advancements. “It’s all about transforming an idea into a product and putting it in the hands of a client so they can deliver value to their customers,” explains Shobana. In her current role with the global product management team for decisioning software, Shobana is responsible for thinking about what kind of features to build into the product and forecasting the level of growth it will generate. That also involves addressing the market’s and competition’s reactions. But for her, the part she enjoys the most is “taking an idea, thinking about what is the possible problem you’re solving and turning that into a product feature. Getting that idea-turned-into-a-solution in the hands of a client is a very satisfying experience, end-to-end.”

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