April business headlines: Invisible online security, how IT leaders are responding to increased digital activity, and the future of account security

Published: May 4, 2021 by Managing Editor, Experian Decision Analytics

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Consumers prefer ‘invisible security’ to passwords
Using Experian’s latest research, Venture Beat looks at the top three physical and behavioral ‘invisible security’ methods and why consumers no longer prefer visible online security such as passwords.

Experian’s identity GM addresses industry’s post-Covid challenges
How are CIOs and IT leaders dealing with new challenges created by the move of so much commerce from in-person to online? Information Week explores why security and identity verification are key priorities right now.

Will passwords finally be a thing of the past?
Consumers are more concerned about online privacy and identity theft than they were before the pandemic. CNP covers why warnings from data and fraud experts about the security of passwords have finally caught the attention of consumers.

The future of secure data
Eric Haller, Vice President & General Manager of Identity, Fraud & DataLabs, joins Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu to discuss the waning age of password protection and what the future of account security will look like.

Consumers recognize biometrics security tops passwords, Experian says
Biometric Update explores why physical biometrics like facial recognition and fingerprints are the preferred method of authentication when it comes to consumers according to Experian’s latest research.

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