Beyond the Trends Spring 2021 report now available

Beyond the Trends Spring 2021 – now available

We’re excited to announce the release of our second Beyond the Trends report. This report’s going to deep dive into the economic trends that we’re seeing in the market now. We look at some commercial and consumer credit trends that will impact recovery. And we’ll deep dive into some of the industries that are most impacted.

One of the things we talk about in this edition is economic growth. As excitement builds within the markets and reopening continues across different regions, we see an expectation for 7% GDP growth in the U.S. We’re seeing a 27% increase in business starts year-over-year, and businesses reopened. We have new businesses emerging as well. In this report, we’ll look at ways that lenders, as well as businesses, will be seen in credit markets and how growth can occur.

Finally, with new stimulus in the market, consumers are ready to spend. Small businesses will look for opportunities to move from security mode and safety mode, business preservation into a transformational growth mode. Stay informed by downloading your copy of the Beyond the Trends report.

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