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Marketing Sophistication CurveSM – online assessment tool

Welcome emails best practices guide

The 2014 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report

Marketing Sophistication Curve

Welcome emails best practices guide


Take our online assessment of your current marketing program’s level of sophistication and receive our most recent Marketing Sophistication CurveSM framework to aid in helping you continually move your organization's cross-channel marketing efforts forward.


Whether it’s the first time a potential customer walks into your store or the first time they interact with your email marketing program, the way you introduce your brand and how you personalize that experience can make or break the chances of them becoming a customer. Download our new eBook on email welcome series to learn more!


The sixth annual Digital Marketer Report provides perspective on the evolving consumer landscape while offering insight marketers can use to become cross-channel marketing masterminds poised to win in this new arena.

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