Media planning

Know your audience, plan your media, make the connection - it’s that simple

Finding your target audience no longer has to be limited by traditional media planning.The thing is, for too long, audience segmentation was based on simple demographics. There is a better way. We can help you develop a media plan by mapping your best customers to the deepest and broadest set of addressable data in the industry…you guessed it…ours!

Experian Marketing Services takes the guesswork out of media planning by helping you use what we both know about your customers to develop a better media plan:

  • Build addressable consumer segments – combine your data with our consumer research, online consumer behavior and lifestyle segmentation data to know who they are and what they do, think and feel about your brand, your competitors and your industry
  • Create an intelligent media plan -  by linking your target segments to addressable media through ConsumerView and Audience IQ, we can deliver a targetable universe across any media so you can confidently reach your audience
  • Measure media plan performance –single channel or cross-channel, we can help you measure the effectiveness of your media plan, including reach, brand awareness, lift, site traffic or direct response

    In the past, we’ve helped clients:

    • Create targetable segments for online and offline advertising
    • Improve the return of online marketing investments
    • Reduce the cost of direct marketing campaigns
    • Increase the effectiveness of display advertising
    • Manage and execute social media advertising

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