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Cyber Security and Its Role in Data Breach Preparedness

Cyber security is a major threat to businesses today. Understanding the threats facing businesses today and taking appropriate precautions is key to preventing the loss of sensitive company data.

Presenter: McAfee

Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

Even as big companies make the news for large-scale data breaches, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) urges small businesses to step up their cyber security. The smaller the company, the less threatening the risks may seem. But as more and more big businesses start taking cyber security and data breach prevention more seriously, criminals start looking for easier, unsecured targets.

In May, the FCC released 10 Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses. While some companies may have even greater needs, these tips are a good starting point for any business. Here’s a breakdown of the tips as they relate to your employees and network.

Make Cyber Security an Inside Job

All employees should be sensitive to security. Just one click on the wrong email link or banner ad is enough to infect a computer or possibly an entire network, exposing business account numbers, customer data and more. The FCC recommends that you:

  • Train all employees in proper security, from changing personal passwords every three months to being responsible for mobile devices, such as laptops and smartphones. Establish clear policies and penalties and retrain employees at least once every year.
  • Set up individual user accounts for each employee, no matter if you have 10 or tens of thousands.
  • Limit the type of both hard and electronic data someone can access based on job requirements.
  • Require your IT team to handle software downloads rather than individual employees.
Keep the Bad Guys Out

You and your employees maintain cyber security from within your business. You also need to keep criminals from accessing your network from the outside. The FCC recommends that you:

  • Stay current with software and operating system updates by setting your systems to automatically install the latest versions, which often address security issues.
  • Use updated antivirus and antispyware software to detect computer security issues, such as keystroke logging software that records everything that’s typed, from passwords to emails.
  • Secure your company’s Wi-Fi network by requiring an access password, not the one that comes with your wireless device.
  • Protect your network by installing a firewall program on every computer to keep outsiders from accessing private data through your Internet connection.

New threats continually emerge in the world of cyber security, so constant vigilance is a must. One data breach is all it takes to damage a company’s reputation.

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