Experian’s Data Breach Response Guide is designed to provide organizations with information, insight and tools to help them better understand the growing data breach epidemic, defend against data breaches and, if and when they encounter one, safely navigate the resolution process.

This Guide offers an overview of the current data breach landscape, including current legal and technological developments, as well as information on why it’s important to have an incident response plan, and how to create, implement and improve it.

You will discover what you need to do in the first 24 hours after a data breach, how to notify your customers, patients or employees, why communicating with the media is so important, and suggested steps for creating, implementing and improving a data breach response plan.

So please, take time to review this guide, and if you don’t have an incident response plan, use this resource to help you create one. It could mean the difference between a breach that causes a brief disruption and one that causes a major meltdown.

2014-2015 Data Breach Response Guide

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