Hosting Holiday Gatherings on a Budget

Join our #CreditChat every Wednesday at 3p.m. ET on Twitter and We are heading into the holiday season, and many of us will be hosting gatherings for our friends and family. This chat featured great tips to help you host an amazing party that won’t break the bank.

The panel included: Kasasa – a national brand of free rewards checking accounts offered exclusively at community financial institutions, Sandy Smith- Personal Finance Blogger and Founder of YesIAmCheap.comRod Griffin – Director of Public Education at Experian, and Mike Delgado – Social Media Community Manager at Experian.

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Questions We Discussed:

  • Q1: What’s your favorite holiday to get together with family and friends?
  • Q2: What should you plan to pay for when hosting a holiday party?
  • Q3: What are ways to reduce cost on food?
  • Q4: How can you save on drinks?
  • Q5: When and where do you buy seasonal decorations?
  • Q6: What are some fun and free activities a host can do to entertain guests?
  • Q7: What are some frugal ways to keep the kids entertained?
  • Q8: What’s your strategy for gift-giving at holiday parties?
  • Q9: What are some financial mistakes to avoid when hosting a holiday party?
  • Q10: What are your final tips for hosting a fun and stress-free holiday gathering?

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