Holiday Hangover: Paying Off Debt

Did you overspend in December? Did you break your budget? This week we discussed strategies for paying down holiday bills faster. The Twitter panel included: Take Charge America; Carey Ransom, Chief Community Officer at PayoffJackie Beck: Founder of The Debt Myth and LaToya Irby: Credit & Debt Management Expert at  And our Blab guests included: Amy Maliga: Take Charge America;  Rod Griffin: Director of Public Education at Experian and Mike DelgadoSocial Media Community Manager at Experian.

Here is the complete discussion on Blab.

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Questions We Discussed

  • Q1: Have you assessed your holiday bills yet? Did you overspend?
  • Q2: What happens if you avoid paying your holiday bills?
  • Q3: What should you know about retail credit cards you might have taken out?
  • Q4: What is a good starting point for someone starting to pay off holiday debt?
  • Q5: What are ways to deal with holiday credit card debt?
  • Q6: Should we be more focused on paying down debt or saving money?
  • Q7: What should know about debt settlement companies?
  • Q8: Where should you go if you need help with debt or credit?
  • Q9: What can people do to avoid having a holiday hangover in the future?
  • Q10: Any final tips for those struggling with debt?

Featured Tips:

Retail Cards

Spending Influencers

Plan ahead
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