Smart Financial Habits to Start (And Stick With)

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It’s a new year and a great time to talk about financial habits to help us reach our financial goals. We had a chance to talk with Sophia Bera, CFP about ways to develop smart financial habits.

The video panel included: Sophia Bera, CFP and Founder of Gen Y Planning and author of “What You Should Have Learned About Money But Never Did,” Rod Griffin – Director of Public Education at Experian and Mike Delgado – Social Media Community Manager at Experian.

Questions we discussed:

  • Q1: What is a financial habit that has benefited you? Or habit you want to start?
  • Q2: What habits we can create to help us monitor our money better?
  • Q3: What habits we can create to help us save more?
  • Q4: What habits we can create to cut down impulse buying?
  • Q5: What habits we can create to eliminate credit card debt?
  • Q6: What habits can couples make to discuss finances more often?
  • Q7: What habits can we make to get better educated about money?
  • Q8: What habits can parents make to educate their kids about money?
  • Q9: What habits can we make to prepare for retirement?
  • Q10: Any final tips for those that want to create smart financial habits?


Highlights from our tweetchat: