What to Know Before Buying a Home

In this #CreditChat, we discuss everything you need to know before buying a home with Lisa Gibbs from Money Magazine. Here are highlights:

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Questions we covered:

Q1: What mistakes do people make when deciding to buy a home?
Q2: What are the hidden costs of home ownership?
Q3: Any favorite apps or sites to help you research a home and neighborhood?
Q4: What are warning signs you should not buy a home?
Q5: How much should you put down? Any loan recommendations?
Q6: Any advice on finding a great realtor?
Q7: When is it better to rent than to buy? Any tips for figuring that out?

Favorite Tweets:

The typical home buyer searched for 12 weeks and viewed 10 homes.

House Buying Mistake: Not understanding total costs and borrowing maximum.

House Buying Mistake: Not knowing what they can afford & not reviewing credit history.

We storified the full tweetchat below …

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