Smart Shopping Tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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This week, we talked about Black Friday shopping – and ways to find the best deals online and in stores.  Our video panel included:  Carrie, Cameron Huddleston – Columnist at Kiplinger,  Laura Greutman I am That LadyShannon McNay – writer and podcaster for ReadyForZero, and Mike Delgado – Social Media Community Manager at Experian, and others.

Questions we discussed:

Q1: Do you go shopping on Black Friday? Is it worth it?
Q2: Where (and when) do you find the best deals? Any favorite websites/apps?
Q3: What do you think about partnering up with others when shopping? Pros/Cons?
Q4: How do you avoid overspending (and get the items you want)?
Q5: What stores will match prices you find online? Do you need to bring ads with you?
Q6: What should you do to ensure you can return items later?
Q7: Anything to avoid on Black Friday?
Q8: How does Black Friday compare to Cyber Monday?
Q9: Is there an item you would love to get on sale this weekend?
Q10: Any final tips  to help shoppers on Black Friday?

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