Experian and Formula 1 Racing – It’s all about the DATA

The amount of data being generated nowadays is staggering. In fact, according to one source, more data has been produced in the past two years than ever before. Certainly Experian has made it our business to understand all of this data and how to harness it.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to consider the impact of data in Formula 1 Racing, the most prestigious and high-tech racing series on the planet. Experian is a sponsor of Williams Martini Racing, which is one of the “big four” teams in the sport and has produced 16 Formula One World Championship titles.

In F1, information is used to provide innovation and engineering expertise that creates the world’s fastest and most powerful cars. One the most fascinating elements of the F1 experience is to see what happens in the Williams Martini garage during a race.

A team of master technicians watch several monitors and track an overwhelming amount of real-time data during the race – from minute details about the car, to changing weather conditions, to information about all the other race cars. Then these highly trained racing engineers instantaneously analyze the data and provide it to the pit crew and the driver in order to make the best possible decisions to win.

There is a parallel to what we’re doing at Experian and our Information Services business. A team like Williams Martini Racing consistently puts a competitive car on the track year after year because of its ability to analyze technical data and improve its chances of winning. This is exactly what Experian does for our clients. We constantly push the envelope by developing innovative applications to capture the value hidden within data.

For over 30 years, we have harnessed the power of Big Data for our clients. We gather data and utilize analytics to produce winning business insights. We enable our clients to drive revenue, increase profitability and gain greater competitive advantages.

It might not be as glamorous as an F1 race in Monte Carlo, but at Experian, we share the same motivations as Williams Martini Race to use data correctly in order to deliver winning results. At the end of the day, F1 racing is about maximum performance. At the end of OUR day, Experian is about bringing value to consumers and maximum performance for businesses.

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