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Tips and benchmarks to help you reach email subscribers more effectively.

Why should marketers fight email fraud?

Posted on May 23 2016 by
Email fraud costs companies around the world billions, and can destroy brand reputation. Learn how to work with security to...


Adding kinetic email to your email marketing strategy

Posted on May 17 2016 by
Kinetic email design can be a valuable tool to keep the user engaged with your email marketing programs.


A crawl, walk, run approach to real-time decisioning

Posted on May 12 2016 by
Real-time decisioning relies on the right real-time data, and must be based on customer needs


Shifting the organization towards cross-channel marketing

Posted on May 05 2016 by
Spencer Kollas and special guest Sal Tripi of Publishers Clearing House discuss the top challenges for shifting towards cross-channel marketing...


Personalized marketing: Beyond the first name

Posted on Apr 21 2016 by
Use these 4 personalized marketing strategies to create a one to one, unique customer experience and drive real business results.


Email as a springboard for data-driven marketing

Posted on Mar 16 2016 by
“Email+” is a call to move beyond the basics of email marketing to begin incorporate other data-driven marketing and channels.


Experian takes top ESP Leader spot in 2016 Relevancy Ring

Posted on Mar 02 2016 by
The Relevancy Group released its 2016 Relevancy Ring Buyers Guide for Email Marketing Service Providers, which positioned Experian Marketing Services...


Latest email marketing benchmarks: 3 takeaways

Posted on Mar 01 2016 by
Email marketers must keep an eye on email marketing benchmarks that, alongside their own data, can uncover valuable email trends.


6 email marketing themes from last holiday season

Posted on Feb 23 2016 by
Here's our analysis of the email marketing themes we saw during the holiday season and how to plan for the...


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