Advice for using data to drive actionable decision-making.

How contextual marketing affects your strategy

Posted on Oct 12 2015 by
Understand how contextual marketing creates mutual benefit for the brand and the customer within your strategy.


Steph McMahon: innovation in media and marketing [Video]

Posted on Sep 30 2015 by
Steph McMahon, WWE Chief Brand Officer, shares the importance of listening, giving back, and reaching fans where they are.


Linkage: Telling a consistent cross-channel brand story

Posted on Sep 08 2015 by
How segmentations and high-definition consumer profiles can help you tell a consistent brand story across customer touch points.


43 actionable stats to move your marketing forward

Posted on Sep 02 2015 by
More benchmarks, trends and stats from the Digital Marketer Report to help you intelligently interact with customers across channels.


What role does the Chief Data Officer play?

Posted on Aug 14 2015 by
The CDO is changing the way organizations manage and utilize data. Understand why they are the leaders in data strategy.


Overcome these 3 common data barriers for mobile marketing

Posted on Aug 11 2015 by
Spencer Kollas explains in iMedia how to overcome 3 common data barriers for mobile marketing success.


Why a single customer view is the foundation for

Posted on Jul 22 2015 by
SVP of Global Marketing Ashley Johnston explains why the lack of a single customer view is the #1 challenge marketers face today.


Data-driven marketing focuses on customers, not technology

Posted on Jul 21 2015 by
This Data for Good byline emphasizes the importance of focusing data-driven marketing on the consumer rather than the technology.


Data is at the heart of meaningful consumer interactions

Posted on Jul 20 2015 by
Data may not be the most glamorous aspect of marketing but it is at the heart creating meaningful consumer interactions in today’s data-driven world.


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