Canadian Anti-Spam Law update

Posted on Jan 08 2014 by

Industry Canada releases its final regulations under Canada’s Anti-Spam Law, simultaneously announcing that CASL will come into force on July 1, 2014. Final regulations and guidance confirm all but one of the expected business-friendly exemptions, provide much needed clarity on outstanding topics and delay implementation of more controversial aspects of the law.

Experian Marketing Services featured in research firm’s Customer Life Cycle marketing report

Posted on Dec 23 2013 by

Experian Marketing Services’ cross-channel marketing platform cited in a new report from Forrester Research for “a clear vision and strong commitment toward data-driven, customer first marketing…”

Holiday hot sheet – Win customers after the holiday season

Posted on Dec 20 2013 by

As this holiday season heads into its last two weeks, it’s time to plan for Christmas day and post-holiday campaigns.

Optimizing cross-channel marketing for privacy and compliance, Part II: Data integration

Posted on Dec 18 2013 by

Alex Krylov covers how to best integrate data in the ‘age of context’ so as to addresses important questions about digital privacy.

Big Data’s next frontier: 2014 will be the year of speed

Posted on Dec 18 2013 by

Big data is not enough ammunition in and of itself; it’s the ability to get that data to the front lines quickly and make it actionable that delivers a strategic advantage.

Price matters, but behind other factors in Deal Seeker analysis [VIDEO]

Posted on Dec 17 2013 by

Watch our video chat with John Fetto as he shares insights from the Deal Seekers Report.

The evolution of the customer lifecycle

Posted on Dec 17 2013 by

To improve consumer interaction, marketers need to take actions to improve data accuracy.

Holiday hot sheet – Top shopping days of the season

Posted on Dec 13 2013 by

Year-over-year email revenue is up 12% for peak shopping days.

Cross-channel marketing demands better data

Posted on Dec 12 2013 by

As marketers work to better coordinate communications across channels, they need accurate data and insight to make it happen.

Weekend mailings lead to higher opens, transactions and revenue

Posted on Dec 10 2013 by

Each holiday season we are asked whether or not it is worthwhile to send email on weekends. Here’s what our analysis shows.