Understanding the search landscape

In 2013 and beyond, marketers will have to work even harder to gain and maintain position in organic search results. They’ll also need to spend more effectively on paid search ads by knowing how their target customers use search, and by applying insight into their behaviors and attitudes to plan and execute better content and campaigns. Here’s an excerpt on the search landscape from the upcoming 2013 Digital Marketer Report:

Five Websites captured 20 percent of all search activity in Q4 2012, while the top 500 captured nearly 50 percent. Expansion to the top 1,000 Websites reached nearly 75 percent, highlighting the challenges for marketers to reach potential customers through search, even for those with a large Web presence.

Top five Websites to capture search clicks

WebsitesDomainQ4 2012 – share of search clicks

Source: Experian Marketing Services’ Hitwise

Number of Websites to Capture Search Activity

Source: Experian Marketing Services’ Hitwise

Even through paid search, the landscape changes very little — the top 10 Websites captured 16 percent of all paid search clicks, and the top 500 captured 56 percent.

Top five Websites to capture paid search clicks

WebsitesDomainQ4 2012 – share of paid search clicks
Yahoo! Shoppingshopping.yahoo.com.85%

Source: Experian Marketing Services’ Hitwise

Source: Experian Marketing Services’ Hitwise

Breaking through the clutter is key to reaching customers who are in the market for your product and services. Understanding who your ideal customers are can help to focus your search campaigns on these consumers and see greater campaign effectiveness.

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