Claims Management Solutions

Can you be sure that your claims are clean before they’re submitted for payment? Learn more about our fully scalable, web-based, claims management platform to support you across the entire claims cycle. Create custom work queues to focus on high-impact accounts, use custom edits to deliver a higher first-pass claim payment rate, and perform extensive reporting to ensure you are optimizing your claims process at every opportunity. 


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Black Book™ 2022 Top Client-rated Financial Solution: Hospital Claims Management Systems

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Reduce AR days and volume while improving your clean claims rate

Submit clean claims for faster payment

Ensure claims submitted are complete and accurate before sending to your payers. Quickly identify trends and optimize reimbursements. 

Reduce A/R days and gain efficiencies

Decrease the need for manual intervention by automatically generating works lists of claims with actionable data.

Analyze root causes for denials

Perform root cause analysis on denials to proactively prevent future delays. 

Sean Schlappy, Business Analyst, Summit Medical Group Oregon — BMC

"It’s very important to have a suite of products that you can use together to achieve optimal results. You can focus on one specific tool, like how we use Claim Scrubber for charges, sending cleaner charges through the system. But, if you’re not appropriately using real-time eligibility to capture insurance or coverage information, it’s not going to perform as well as it could. Now, we’re turning our charges quicker and receiving payments faster."

Claims Features

  • Automatic claim status updates throughout the adjudication process
  • Customizable edits and alerts for each provider to meet your requirements
  • Access to our dedicated claims support team with extensive billing experience
  • Production, timely filing, audit, dashboard, and analytics reporting