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Webinar - 7 Ways to Improve Your I-9 Compliance

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Webinar 7 Ways to Improve Your I-9 Compliance
7 Ways to Improve Your I-9 Compliance

Form I-9 compliance can be one of the more daunting employer obligations companies face. The seemingly simple form is much more complex than it first appears. Failing to remain compliant with rule changes, exceptions, retention policies and more puts an organization at risk of an audit and the potential for a costly fine.

However, there are steps companies can follow to improve their I-9 compliance, reduce their risk for audits and simplify the process for their business and their employees. Watch this webinar with Experian Employer Services’ Vijay Thakkar, I-9 & E-Verify Compliance Expert and Jeremy Sedrick, Director, Pre-employment Services, for an overview of 7 ways to improve your I-9 compliance and prepare for a more successful audit.

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