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How to Calculate your Unemployment Tax Rate to Control Costs

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The 2024 tax rate season is around the corner and four states are scheduled to issue their new tax rates in a few months. Each state will calculate their rate differently, so it’s important for employers to understand how to anticipate their upcoming unemployment tax rate, especially if they operate in more than one of these states. Join this webinar for an overview from Wayne Rottger on states that issue rates on an “off-cycle” period: New Jersey, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Vermont. Understanding and tracking changes to unemployment tax rates can help employers control and lower their unemployment costs while maintaining compliance. Employers operating in some states, like New Jersey, even have an opportunity to combine the rate experience of multiple entities to lower their overall tax rate, but that doesn’t mean they should. Find out more in this webinar.

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About the presenters

Wayne Rottger

Wayne Rottger

Vice President, Tax

  • 35+ years of experience Unemployment Compensation Consulting through various positions and collaborates closely with government agencies 
  • Senior Manager of Tax with Equifax for 11 years, where he executed the success of projects exceeding $15 million in revenue 
  • Pushes himself and his team to provide the highest levels of customer service while also maintaining the highest savings possible for a client

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