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Form W-2 101: What Employers Need to Know

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Welcome to the world of W-2, a required form for reporting wages paid to an employee and items withheld over the course of the year. Form W-2 has been in use since 1944 but can still cause complications for employers trying to establish a streamlined process that improves compliance. This introductory webinar will introduce you to the ins and outs of one of our most familiar federal forms and delve into key elements of the W-2. We will discuss how the form differs from 1099 forms, possible penalties for non-compliance, upcoming changes and so much more.

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About the presenters

Gordon Middleton, J.D.

Gordon Middleton, J.D.

Product Intelligence Manager

  • Assists employers with developing and honing their employment verification processes from the ground up including training plans and audit preparation
  • Helps both clients and internal stakeholders interpret enforcement agency decisions and communications via blogs, webinars and on-site presentations
  • Expert with over 17 years of experience handling employer compliance processes, including I-9 and E-Verify, paperless pay, and year-end and onboarding processes such as W-2 and ACA
  • Interacts with various state and federal agencies to interpret guidance pertaining to new processes
Russel Fulfor

Russel Fulfor

Manager, Product Management

  • Manages tax and payroll products that help employers improve their compliance requirements and minimize cost
  • 20+ years of experience developing tax and payroll products along with more than 6 years developing Affordable Care Act HR and Benefit solutions
  • Expertise includes Oil and Gas taxation and accounting, State and Local taxation, ACA reporting and more

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