Founder’s Narrative: Nurse creates Shark Tank success with personal medical storage

September 19, 2023 by Emily Garman

Braxton Fleming isn’t just any entrepreneur; he is one with a deeply personal connection to his business, Stealth Bros & Co. As a transgender man, the initial inspiration for his venture stemmed from his own need for a place to store hormone replacement therapy medications. What began as a basic idea, rooted in personal necessity soon evolved into a thriving enterprise as Fleming keenly observed the needs and desires of his community.

His innovative drive led to the creation of the “Junior Dopp Kit,” a product that he meticulously designed. While many entrepreneurs boast about swanky offices or sophisticated origins, Fleming’s journey paints a picture of true grassroots entrepreneurship. Orders for Stealth Bros & Co were initially fulfilled right from his childhood bedroom. From there, he transitioned to using the basement of his home, and as the demand grew, he upgraded to a more spacious two-car garage.

Balancing personal life and work has always been a challenging act. Fleming, while starting his business, was juggling responsibilities as a licensed practical nurse. He managed this dual role until the birth of his daughter last year.

His appearance on the famed reality show, Shark Tank, was a game-changer. Describing the experience as both “a gift and a curse,” the positive outcomes were undeniable. Stealth Bros & Co not only secured funding but also enjoyed a substantial boost in brand visibility from the show’s vast audience.

When asked about the perks of entrepreneurship, Fleming doesn’t point to financial gains or fame. Instead, he cherishes the flexibility and freedom it provides. Being his own boss allows him to be present at home, witnessing every milestone in his daughter’s life—a luxury many parents can’t afford.

For those eager to explore Stealth Bros & Co’s offerings, the company’s online presence is a comprehensive resource. You can visit their website at www.stealthbrosco.com, or check out their social media handles @stealthbrosco.

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