Why should small businesses still use direct mail marketing?

September 23, 2013 by Alex Johnson

Small businesses who send direct mail advertisements to their customers find this to be a highly effective marketing strategy. Where emails can be deleted immediately or never even looked at, people still head to their mailboxes daily. According to the United States Postal Service, 98 percent of people retrieve their mail daily, and 77 percent of people sort it immediately. This gives companies access to an audience who could potentially seek out their business right away.

With direct mail marketing, there is a high potential Return on Investment because this type of advertising is extremely targeted. Small businesses can market just to the consumers they think will be most likely to purchase from them – rather than mass advertising through television on email campaigns.

Direct mail proves to be a more personal way to reach potential and existing customers, and it encourages businesses to build a relationship with their customers. There is measurable feedback on direct mailing campaigns because businesses can directly count how many responses they see to their advertisements or how many people use their coupons, for instance.

To make the best use of direct mail marketing, businesses can purchases data append services to update and provide more information to their existing prospect or customer lists. They also can purchase mailing lists relevant to the types of people they are looking to sell to in order to best target prospects in the area.





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