Introducing Switchboard

February 9, 2021 by Experian Marketing Services

Experian Marketing Services introduces SwitchboardAdapt with Tapad, a part of Experian

Leading browsers have made public announcements and technical deployments to reduce the digital advertising accessibility of third-party cookies for data collection, storage, and sharing due to growing privacy concerns. As a result, there has been growing momentum to find an alternative via cookieless IDs, with the intent to create a replacement that helps ensure continuity across the ecosystem. 

At Tapad we’ve chosen to approach the market with a solution that provides agnostic interoperability for these cookieless identifiers, so that marketers can continue to work with the identity providers of their choice while maintaining the most holistic view of consumers across digital touchpoints.

Introducing switchboard

Switchboard is a module within The Tapad Graph that leverages our core capabilities across machine learning and identity management to provide a connection between traditional digital identifiers and the new wave of cookieless IDs that will be utilized in the future. 

Customers of Tapad can take advantage of its broad ecosystem of identifiers to drive targeting and frequency capping strategies and enable detailed measurement and attribution post-deprecation of the third-party cookie.

Our goal is to accelerate the adoption, scale, and utility of cookieless IDs with the release of the Switchboard module within The Tapad Graph, while maintaining an agnostic approach to the market.

Switchboard for identity solutions

In the evolving landscape agencies and marketers will need to invest, test, and analyze the best combination of cookieless ID partners to meet their objectives.  The Switchboard module will increase the utility and value of the cookieless ID space in conjunction with other addressable IDs,  by providing a layer of connectivity that will be natively missing with the deprecation of third-party cookies. 

Identity solutions at launch:

Identity Solution company logos

Switchboard for graph customers

For existing Tapad customers who leverage the Switchboard module in The Tapad Graph, it will provide a seamless way to facilitate interoperability while resolving identity back to a Household or Individual. By providing this translation layer, Tapad will take on the responsibility of encryption and decryption protocols where applicable, which will deliver added functionality to our customers. 

Tapad + Experian partners at launch:

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Use cases

  • Resolve existing first-party data with new cookieless solutions through The Tapad Graph to minimize data loss
  • Frequency cap at the Individual and Household level via Cookieless and traditional ID
  • Reach consumers at scale across all touchpoints and IDs  
  • Build a more inclusive and holistic view of the consumer journey
  • Run accurate and scalable measurement before and after the formal deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome
  • Map online data into offline activities 

Hear why industry leaders are adapting with Tapad + Experian

As advertisers continue to contemplate the future of identity, Amobee is proud to partner with Tapad, a part of Experian, on this next-generation solution to provide a comprehensive view of consumers. With the imminent loss of cookies, advertisers must think creatively in order to respectfully engage consumers in a privacy-compliant way and Switchboard can play an important role in addressing their respective identity needs.

 — Bryan Everett | Senior Vice President of Global Business Development | Amobee

Connecting offline and online shopper activity in a privacy-compliant way is fundamental to marketing effectiveness and determining return on ad-spend. That’s why we’re excited to be a launch partner for Tapad + Experian‘s Switchboard offering; it provides a unified solution for supporting the variety of proprietary and anonymous user ID standards required by advertising demand-side platforms today.

 — Brian Dunphy | SVP Digital Business and Strategic Partnerships | Catalina

As the industry evolves, Tapad + Experian‘s Switchboard presents a privacy-safe solution that allows for the continued activation of data and an alternative to advertising within walled garden environments. We look forward to collaborating with Tapad and the industry as we collectively transition to support cookieless identity.

 — Don Lee |SVP of Global Platform Partnerships | Eyeota

We are excited to participate in this proactive solution to the sunset of third-party cookies. Switchboard’s agnostic interoperability, with BritePool and other ID providers, will create high-value for marketers as they transition to the era of cookieless web advertising.

 — David J. Moore | CEO | BritePool

Interoperability is paramount for brand marketers, agencies, publishers and platforms if we want to support an open and free Internet and break free of the stranglehold of walled gardens. Lotame Panorama ID’s participation in Switchboard reflects our steadfast commitment to collaborating across and within the industry and providing value to all of its players.

 — Pierre Diennet | Global Partnerships | Lotame

At this pivotal moment in the industry, we are excited to be partnering with Tapad, a part of Experian on their cookieless initiative and making Retargetly IDx available into the Switchboard solution, providing global brands, platforms and publishers with a compliant, cookieless ID solution for the Latin American market; enabling them to target, reach and measure users at scale through the region.

 — Daniel Czaplinski | CEO and Co-Founder | Retargetly

With Audigent’s Halo ID, we’re architecting a cookieless future where clients and partners have confidence in the actionability and interoperability of exclusive 1st party audiences, originated from some of the world’s leading publishers and creators. We see collaboration as being critical to a collective understanding of identity and Tapad, a part of Experian as a trusted partner with solutions such as Switchboard to support continuity for marketers’ addressability.

 — Drew Stein | CEO and Founder | Audigent

Facilitating access and usage of 1st party identifiers is crucial to help marketers prepare for the cookieless future. Thanks to Switchboard, ID5’s cookie-less IDs will be available to a wider audience of brands and agencies and enable them to run effective, data-driven campaigns beyond the third-party cookie.

 — Mathieu Roche | CEO and Co-Founder | ID5

Addressing the current identity challenge requires transparency and collaboration. We are pleased to align ShareThis data with Tapad + Experian’s growing ecosystem. ShareThis data helps marketers evolve beyond the cookie to complete the picture. Tapad + Experian’s Switchboard offering will support ShareThis’s deep connections to clients and technology platforms, preserving and growing the accessibility of our data.

 — Michael Gorman | SVP Product and Business Development | ShareThis

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