How Consumer Packaged Goods Companies Can Leverage Third-Party Data to Improve Marketing Effectiveness

August 17, 2021 by Steve Zimmerman, Director of Custom Analytics, Abby Mroczenski-Hanus, Statistics Analyst Expert

Third-party data has become the cornerstone to improve marketing effectiveness across all types of online and offline media. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies face a challenge when utilizing this data, as they often make sales through distributors such as grocery stores or mass merchandisers rather than directly to consumers.

Without customer data files that can be enriched for insight, CPG companies often base marketing decisions on custom market positioning studies, surveys and generic consumer personas. These solutions can be quite expensive and prove difficult to develop a targeted marketing program.

Does this sound familiar? We can help.

Experian Marketing Services has a team of experts that leverage the wealth of our ConsumerViewSM data — Experian’s database of thousands of attributes covering more than 300 million U.S. consumers and 130 million U.S. households—to identify  the demographics and attitudes of a CPG target consumer using syndicated, mobile location, social media, and online behavioral data.

Linking these data resources to our ConsumerViewSM data enables CPG marketers to identify likely consumers, generate actionable marketing insight, and enable targeted advertising to these consumers that increases brand awareness and drives purchase behavior.

Identifying Likely Consumers for Consumer Packaged Goods

To gain marketing insight about your customers, you need to identify consumers who are actively engaged with your brand, and compare them against non-engaged consumers, or consumers engaged with rival brands.

Experian uses syndicated and digital actions data to identify these consumers, and profiles them against a relevant population to gain strategic insight. With digital actions data, we leverage search terms and landing pages relevant to your brand. We use our linking capabilities to identify a relevant cohort of consumers that can be profiled and targeted.

For example, we leveraged syndicated data that showed consumer preference for frozen meals and profiled the attitudes and Experian Mosaic Groups of these consumers, so that our client could better understand the market size and general attitudes of its active consumers.

Frozen meal search by Mosaic consumer category by percent of population

Generating Marketing Insight

Once target consumers are identified, you need more strategic insight about these consumers to improve your marketing effectiveness. We profile these targeted brand users against a relevant set of U.S. consumers and/or consumers of competitive brands. This helps identify key demographics and psychographics that over-index to users of the brand/s compared to the population.

As a result of this profile, you can gain a much better understanding of the demographics, life stage and lifestyle of your target consumer. In addition, you will know the Experian Mosaic Type — consumer segmentations of 126 million U.S. households into 19 overarching groups and 71 underlying types that include 800 lifestyle and interest attributes—of your target consumer.

We also enable you to better inform your marketing communication and media and distribution strategies with our TrueTouchSM Engagement Channels, Decision-Making Styles and Conversion Channel preferences.

Getting back to our example, consumers of frozen foods were found more likely to be females between the ages of 35-54 with busy families. They had multiple children in the home and participated in family activities, like zoos and fast-food dining.

Using TrueTouchSM, they were found to be more actively engaged with digital channels and had decision-making styles that were influenced by a desire for product quality or consumer testimonials.

Imagine what you could do with this knowledge – by capturing greater insight into your target consumer you can create digital communication centered around an active family lifestyle looking for a quality meal.
2021 Consumer Packaged Goods household primary decision maker data by age and sex

Turning Insights into Action by Enabling Targeted Advertising

With a better understanding of your target consumer, and the strategic insight needed to influence this consumer, you can finally identify your ideal target audience and serve advertising that builds brand awareness and increases conversion.

Our Custom Analytics team uses advanced analytical techniques to create custom personas of these consumers, and maps U.S. consumers to these personas. Our ConsumerViewSM universe of 130 million U.S. households is scored with a proprietary algorithm created specifically for your organization and creates audiences that are pushed to the preferred marketing channel of your target consumers.

Leveraging ConsumerViewSM, we can easily enable direct communication to your targeted consumers (such as our example that identified consumers of frozen food and their preferred channels) through direct mail, email, digital display, social media and mobile channels.

We work directly with agencies to deploy an audience to a destination and can manage a campaign for our CPG clients using our OmniActivation Strategic Services team.

We can even help you determine campaign success with our OmniImpact service that measures campaign performance versus a relevant control, and profiles converters to help you see gains made in brand awareness to target consumers.

These services give you the ability to test an advertisement directly to targeted consumers, measure the effectiveness of the advertisement, then plow back the learnings into future campaigns, enabling greater consumer brand awareness and conversion while managing marketing effectiveness.


We have worked extensively with a variety of CPG companies to improve marketing effectiveness and drive brand awareness and are ready to help your organization take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Our data sources include many survey-based and online interactions with consumers to help us identify likely users of your brand, while our Custom Analytics professionals leverage our data assets and advanced analytics to generate actionable insights that enable you to identify and communicate with targeted consumers more effectively.

Finally, our ConsumerViewSM data enables us to select and deploy targeted advertising to consumers across multiple marketing channels.

For more information about how we can help your organization gain valuable insights to identify your ideal customers and the best channels to reach them, contact us.