Easily align your audience buying with consumers’ media usage habits

Published: December 27, 2022 by Experian Marketing Services

Tap into our collaboration with ARF’s DASH study for one-of-a-kind TV audiences

Understanding the importance of aligning campaigns with the media usage habits of consumers, Experian Marketing Services has partnered with The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and its DASH (Device and Account Sharing) universe study to create an innovative solution for marketers and advertisers.    

A leading industry organization dedicated to furthering the scientific practice of advertising and marketing, the ARF conducts independent research and assists in establishing rigorous standards of practice. Its 400+ members include leading marketers, media companies, advertising agencies, and research and measurement firms.

What does DASH data reveal?

The ARF’s DASH study was developed with National Opinion Research Center (NORC) and seven industry sponsors, including Experian. DASH measures, in granular detail, how American households and individuals connect to and consume TV, use digital devices, and interact with and share streaming media and eCommerce accounts. DASH also contains a cohort of repeat respondents to uncover the dynamics of complex media actions, such as cord cutting.  

DASH produces an unbiased, nationally projectable data set, which, when combined with Experian’s Marketing Data enables the creation of one-of-a-kind audience segments based on TV, media, and device usage at scale. In addition, pairing DASH data with Experian Marketing Data yields insights for industry partners that unlock how consumers engage with media and technology across their devices and eCommerce accounts. 

How do we make DASH audiences – and why?

By combining the ARF’s DASH data set with Experian Marketing Data, we developed one-of-a-kind TV audiences that reflect how viewers interact with digital devices and eCommerce accounts. We have created this resource so our customers can align their marketing campaigns with media usage. These audience segments also yield insights that help marketers reach their audiences with the right messages and content.

a graphic to demonstrate how DASH audiences are created

“Television viewing behavior has undergone a massive transformation, making it challenging for advertisers to reach their target audience and optimize frequency. These audiences give advertisers invaluable tools for managing their campaigns in an increasingly fragmented environment.” – Doug McLennan, Director of Product Management, Experian

Explore our DASH audiences to advance your digital and TV ad campaign strategy

TV usage and viewing behavior audiences  

These audience segments allow marketers to reach unique and targeted viewers, like frequent streamers or those who watch exclusively on larger screens.     

  • Ad Avoiders   
  • Ad Acceptors     
  • Household/Family Viewing – Co-Watchers     
  • Household/Family Viewing – Co-Watchers with Children     
  • Household/Family Viewing – Co-Watchers without Children     
  • Household/Family Viewing – Solo Watchers     
  • TV Enthusiasts – Paid TV High Spenders     
  • Viewing Device Type – Screen Size – Small     
  • Viewing Device Type – Screen Size – Large    

With our new TV audiences, you can target viewers with precision, accuracy, and confidence, enabling you to maximize your marketing efforts.  We are excited to offer these new segments and look forward to continuing our work with the ARF to develop new resources that help you connect with your target audiences. 

“DASH has established itself as a reliable and unbiased calibration set – a “true North” – for media measurement. Our collaboration with Experian puts the power and precision of DASH in the hands of marketers and advertisers as well.” – Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer, ARF

Our DASH audiences can be found on the shelf in your demand-side platform of choice for easy accessibility, with availability across all offline and online channels. Connect with us to learn more.   

For more information on our partner ARF,visit www.thearf.org.

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