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Pre-Pay Marketing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many prospecting names are included in each bundle?
  • Purchasing the bundle gives you access to all our products, not just lists.  The pricing structure for our lists has not changed.  The cost for each list will depend upon the type of list and the elements selected. The advantage of the bundle is that any product purchased will automatically include a 35% discount. This reduced price will be reflected in the shopping cart once a bundle is purchased.

  • Do I save more by buying the next level bundle?
  • No. The product discount remains the same regardless of the size of the bundle you purchase. Select the bundle that fits your marketing budget today.  If your budget increases, you can buy another bundle at any time and still get the same savings..

  • When buying the bundle, do I save 35% on the order I’m placing?
  • In order to get your savings, the bundle must be purchased first.  Select the bundle level you want and complete the product purchase.  Your account will immediately be credited with the amount of that bundle. You can then begin purchasing any products to being receiving the bundle discount.


If you have additional questions, please call us at 1 888 808 8242 and we'll be happy to assist.