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Clone My Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What customer characteristics do you evaluate?
  • A- Clone My Customers models are based on proprietary Experian data covering a wide range of demographic, psychographic and behavioral elements. Experian data records matching the client’s customer file become targets and a sample of records from the selected scoring geography (not matching any customer record) become non-targets. Models are built using factor analysis and logistic regression and are validated to ensure quality. Individuals in the selected geography then are scored. Higher scores indicate a higher degree of similarity between the scored individuals and the client’s customers.

  • How do I convert my excel file to a csv or text file?
  • Open your Excel document, select Save As, Other Formats. Now just select the Save As Type menu item Text Tab Delimited (*.txt) or (Macintosh) and a location. The resulting file then can be opened and used in basically any office or desktop publishing application you have.

  • How does the Clone My Customer work?
  • Experian® analyzes your customer file to see what traits or characteristics your best customers have in common. Then we use those traits and search our entire database and find prospects who are just like your best customers. Have questions? Call us at 1 888 808 8242.

  • How do I know who my best customers are?
  • Each business has unique needs in terms of selecting whom to include on a Clone My Customer list from Experian. Your consumer prospect list might include:

    • Customers who have a high value to you based on total purchase amount or lifetime purchase value
    • Loyal customers who have the highest loyalty to or longevity with your business
    • Recent buyers who are likely to respond to seasonal or new product offers
    • Customers who demonstrate a buying pattern, such as premium product buyers or those who have purchased three times in the past three months
    •  However you decide to determine your best population to clone, the cloning process will profile those customers for you and find people who have similar characteristics and therefore have a higher propensity to purchase from you.
    • Clone those customers who spend the most in a given visit/time period, return often and have been loyal to your business through time and change.

Call us at 1 888 808 8242 and we'll upload your list for you.