Jeff Rose: How to Make “Cents” of Your Financial Life [Video]

Watch our Google+ hangout with personal finance expert Jeff Rose:

In this interview, Jeff Rose shares:

  • His Military Background and Service as a Sergeant in Iraq
  • What Inspired His Personal Finance Blog
  • Why People Don’t Plan for Retirement Early Enough
  • The Power of Compounding Interest (And Why Many People Still Aren’t Investing)
  • The Number One Question to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Advisor
  • What to Look For When Hiring a Financial Advisor
  • How to Start Investing for the Future
  • What Inspired The Roth IRA Movement (And How 150+ Bloggers Got Involved)
  • How Much to Save Before Paying Down Debt
  • When You Should Focus More On Paying Down Debt  Instead of Investing
  • How to Approach Paying Off Debt (Smallest Debts vs Highest Interest Rate Debts)
  • His Approach to Tactical Budgeting
  • His Favorite Tools for Budgeting and Managing Money
  • Where and When He Likes to Write
  • His Favorite Music & Pandora Channel When Writing
  • Some of His Favorite Personal Finance Bloggers

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About Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose is the CEO and founder of Alliance Wealth Management, LLC and creator of & He has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, MSN Money, and Fox Business, and dozens of other websites.

Jeff is the founder of the Roth IRA Movement, Debt Movement, Life Insurance Movement, and author of Debt Heroes and Soldier of Finance .

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