Gerri Detweiler: How to Pay Off Debt [Video]

Watch our Google+ hangout with credit and personal finance journalist Gerri Detweiler 

In this interview, Gerri Detweiler shares:

  • First Steps to Take When Ready to Start Paying Off Your Debt
  • The Importance of Creating Financial Goals to Pay Off Debt
  • Ways to Stay Motivated When Paying Your Debts
  • How Much to Have Save Before Paying Off Your Debts
  • How to Tackle Debt: Smallest Debts First or Highest Interest Rates?
  • When You Should Talk to a Credit Counselor and Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Where to Find a Great Credit Counselor
  • The Pros and Cons of Using Retirement Funds to Pay Down Debt
  • Debt Collector Scams You Should Know About (Especially If You’ve Ever Taken a Payday Loan)
  • What to Do When You’re Harassed By Debt Collectors for Debt That’s Not Yours
  • Why Debt Collectors Should Send You Debt Info in Writing (And Why You Should Get Debt Verified)
  • What to Do if You Don’t Have the Money to Pay Off the Debt
  • Why You Should Consider Negotiating Medical Bills
  • The Importance of Getting Your Explanation of Benefits To Track All Medical Costs 
  • Favorite Online Resources and Writers to Help You Handle Debt
  • And much more …

Resources Mentioned:

About Gerri Detweiler

Gerri Detweiler is an expert on consumer credit issues and been featured in more than 3,000 news interviews; including: The Today Show, Dateline NBC, The New York Times, USA Today and Reader’s Digest. She has also testified before Congress. Among her credits:

Gerri holds a B.A. in International Business/Political Affairs from Taylor University and an M.A. in Adult Education/Psychology from Vermont College.

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