Experian and the Small Business Administration lending a hand to small businesses

Owning your own business is what many perceive to be as the American dream. And if you’ve been fortunate enough to make that dream a reality, then you’ve certainly heard how indispensable your business is to the country’s economy. But as invaluable as your small business is, many small business owners face daily challenges when it comes to sustainability, profitability and growth.

For the last year, Experian and the Small Business Administration (SBA) have lent a helping hand to small businesses that are facing those types of challenges. As a part of their efforts, all Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) firms and small businesses that are considered to be socially and economically disadvantaged under the SBA’s 8(a) business development program have full access to BusinessIQ Express.

BusinessIQ Express is an online tool that improves cash flow by providing small businesses with the resources they need to better manage their business relationships quickly and easily. It does this in three key ways:

• Evaluate — BusinessIQ Express users can evaluate prospects, customers, suppliers and partners on their likelihood to pay or deliver on time.
• Monitor — Users can easily monitor their business relationships with alerts and notifications of key changes, allowing them to take appropriate account actions and maintain beneficial relationships.
• Collect — The tool offers small-business users unique options that may have been never before easily accessible to them to help collect on outstanding debts and avoid future losses.

With access to BusinessIQ Express, small businesses will have a powerful resource at their fingertips to help meet business obligations and improve profitability, ultimately enabling them to address some of those challenges head on.

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