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Travel industry: Email and mobile marketing trends

Posted on Aug 11 2014 by

Email and mobile marketing trends and benchmarks for the travel industry.

Tap, Swipe, Go: Meet the Connected Traveler

Posted on Jul 24 2013 by

Engaging today’s hyper-connected traveler is well worth the effort. Experian Marketing Services’ latest report looks into the behaviors and attitudes of the Connected Traveler to help marketers reach the important segment.

Using data insights to differentiate and attract travelers

Posted on Feb 11 2013 by

Segmentation solutions provide travel marketers with highly enriched views of their prospective audiences.

Family Travelers Seek out Deals and Packages

Posted on Aug 06 2012 by

Catering to families is a smart strategy for many in the travel industry, and there’s growing evidence that even in these tough economic times the family vacation has become more important than ever—with families working hard to find more value for their travels, rather than sacrifice the idea of taking a vacation.

Marketing travel alert: how building a roadmap can guide you on the path to success

Posted on Jun 26 2012 by

Marketers ask themselves what type of data to invest in, how to leverage social media channels, when to invest in new database technologies and infrastructures, how to use response attribution and analytics to be more customer centric, etc. CMOs are also challenging their teams to get it all done immediately. With all of that on your plate, how can any marketer be successful?

Young couples are a strong target for everything from travel to electronics

Posted on May 16 2012 by

The Fast Track Couples Mosaic® USA segment embodies one of four major demographic shifts and sociological trends that have come about due to dramatic changes in American life over the last five years.

Domestic travel in U.S. heats up during summer

Posted on Jun 13 2011 by

Experian Simmons profiles Americans on holiday this summer: the who, the how and the where.

Memorial Day Travelers Prepare to Fuel Up for Fun

Posted on May 20 2011 by

With gas prices well above levels seen this time last year, Americans might be making shorter trips or looking for other creative ways to save a few bucks during Memorial Day weekend.


Posted on Jan 04 2010 by

Domestic Travel Trends

Posted on Dec 19 2009 by

Traffic at America’s airports always peaks during the holiday months. But given our nation’s less-than-ideal financial situation Experian Simmons wondered how traffic on America’s roads, skies and rails this year compares to the past. A review from the Experian Simmons Summer 2009 and Summer 2008 full-year National Consumer Studies shows that domestic vacation travel is […]