Cyber Security Requires a Three-stage Approach to Data Breach Prevention

Posted on Jun 25 2013 by

Private and public businesses are favored targets for hackers; in fact, in 2012, businesses accounted for more than a third of all data breaches in the U.S., according to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). Perpetrated against companies large and small, these breaches compromised more than 4.6 million records. Research by the Ponemon Institute indicates […]

Advances in Cyber Insurance Risk Management Services Help Protect Against Data Loss – But More Can Be Done

Posted on Jun 18 2013 by

Written by: Rick Betterley, President, Betterley Risk Consultants Insurance against data loss has developed rapidly to protect organizations from the economic consequences of a data breach. Insurance companies have broadened their coverage to include not only the cost of notifying and monitoring affected persons, but also costs such as crisis response, legal guidance, and forensics. […]

Reborn CISPA cyber security bill experiences déjà vu

Posted on Jun 12 2013 by

Backed by the momentum created by the signing of President Obama’s Executive Order earlier this year regarding the U.S. national cyber security policies, the Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) was reintroduced to the House by its authors Reps. Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger, heads of the House Intelligence Committee. CISPA focuses on improving […]

Cyber Insurance Adds to Cyber Security

Posted on Jun 04 2013 by

The purpose of any type of insurance is to protect your most valuable assets so in order to combat the prevalence of cyber attacks and data breaches, an increasing number of businesses in the health-care, financial services and technology industries have purchased cyber insurance policies to protect themselves from the crippling cost of a data […]

Get up to speed on cyber insurance and breach response at the NetDiligence Forum in Philly

Posted on May 30 2013 by

How does cyber insurance factor into data breach response? Get the answer – and many more insights – at the NetDiligence® 2013 Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum on June 6-7 in Philadelphia. We’ll see you there! During the forum, be sure to visit Experian® to see everything we can do for you during a […]

IAPP Panel Discusses BYOD and the “Technology Divorce”

Posted on May 15 2013 by

As mobile technology continues to dominate the workplace, look for more organizations to adopt “bring your own device” programs to stay competitive.  If your organization falls into this category, how will you protect your data? And just as importantly, how will you control your employees’ activities on their devices? This was the subject of mock […]

Controversial Cyber Security Bill Passes The House

Posted on May 07 2013 by

Despite President Obama’s January signing of an Executive Order (EO) which outlines national cyber security policies in protecting U.S. companies and government agencies against cyber threats, the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) was passed in a 288-127 House vote sending it now to the Senate.¹ CISPA supporters say the act will help […]

Medical Data Breaches: A Source of Chronic Pain

Posted on May 01 2013 by

With over 870,000 medical records exposed in data breaches in just the first quarter of 2013, medical data breaches have become a source of chronic pain for healthcare organizations   Adding to this complexity is the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule.  For additional resources to help you accelerate your healthcare data breach resolution, click the image below.

What’s In Your Data Breach Toolbox?

Posted on Apr 30 2013 by

Our latest Ponemon Institute study suggests many companies are not adequately prepared to mitigate damages associated with a data breach. If you find your organization represented in the summary-findings below, click the image to download the study.

Cyber security: a key topic at 2013 HCCA Conference

Posted on Apr 26 2013 by

The 17th annual Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) Compliance Institute Conference took place in National Harbor, MD and was attended by healthcare personnel and data protection and security professionals.  Key topics covered in various panels related to cyber security issues including medical identity theft, data breaches and patient health information (PHI) protection as dictated in […]