Do your passwords pass the hack test?

Posted on Aug 23 2011 by

The steady drumbeat of recent data breaches has called significant attention to the security vulnerabilities of even the world’s biggest corporate brands and defense organizations. These incidents have spotlighted the need for improved breach prevention measures.

The dollars of a data breach

Posted on Aug 16 2011 by

It’s no surprise that data breaches are expensive. The exact cost of these incidents, which have only become more spectacularly headline-grabbing in recent months, is a question that the Ponemon Institute has addressed for the past six years.

Child identity theft: A new frontier for fraudsters

Posted on Aug 09 2011 by

A recent Federal Trade Commission discussion, "Stolen Futures: A Forum on Child Identity Theft,” presented a valuable opportunity to galvanize industry experts and public leaders around this increasing privacy threat.

Security vs. Commerce: Striking a balance

Posted on Aug 02 2011 by

At the recent data security and privacy hearing held by the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, there appeared to be widespread agreement that national data breach laws are needed.

As organized crime goes virtual, the law cyber-saddles up

Posted on Jul 26 2011 by

Cyber criminals have been so successful in recent years that they have seemed unstoppable, leaving federal law enforcement struggling with the fast pace of attacks and ever-changing tactics.

Trouble in the clouds: Data breaches threaten cloud computing

Posted on Jul 19 2011 by

Cloud services that handle enormous amount of data amongst consumers and corporate clients are a big target of fraudsters.

Encryption: Data’s best friend

Posted on Jul 12 2011 by

When considering your company’s full breach prevention strategy, consider encryption a strong bodyguard that can play a big role in protecting data while also shielding your company from embarrassing and costly breaches.

Tips to implement an effective social media policy

Posted on Jul 05 2011 by

A well-crafted social media policy with clear guidelines addressing these and other risks can substantially reduce the number of data breach incidents related to social media use.

Is a national data breach notification law finally within reach?

Posted on Jun 28 2011 by

The White House recently released a comprehensive cyber-security policy proposal, and with it raised new hopes that a streamlined solution around data breach notification is finally at hand.

Scam report: Insider fraud

Posted on Jun 21 2011 by

According to a Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, in 2009, the average company lost nearly 5% of its revenue to fraud perpetrated by employees.