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Experian releases Business Credit Score Planner

Posted on Jun 30 2015 by


To help business owners educate themselves on business credit scores, Experian has developed an easy to use Business Score Planner tool that can simulate different credit history scenarios and calculate a hypothetical business credit score.

SEC makes raising small business capital via crowdfunding a bit easier

Posted on Jun 29 2015 by


Thanks to a recent move by the SEC, many small businesses can raise capital by selling crowd-funded securities without going through the usual SEC filings.

Improving access to financial education is critical for small business lending

Posted on Jun 22 2015 by


Being educated on managing their credit, understanding the impact of a credit score, or grasping simple bookkeeping can be intimidating without the proper training. When it comes to business owners credit education is even more important, because improper management of their finances can be detrimental to their bottom line.

Vision 2015 Session Spotlight: Insight into a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape for Commercial Lenders

Posted on Apr 07 2015 by

Small business lenders in the regulatory spotlight

To help our clients understand the complex and dynamic regulatory landscape for commercial lenders, Experian will be hosting a panel discussion on this topic at our Vision 2015 Conference in Washington, D.C.

[Infographic] Women’s Small Business Snapshot

Posted on Mar 25 2015 by

Snapshot of Businesses Owned by Women

Experian Business Information Services created two Snapshot Infographics for our study on Women owned businesses. They show a striking similarity, and yet Women have trouble gaining access to capital with only 4% of total dollars loaned to small business going to Women owned businesses.

Alternative financing opening up opportunity for entrepreneurs

Posted on Mar 16 2015 by


Alternative finance options provide an avenue for entrepreneurs and other small business owners looking for commercial funding, who are otherwise turned down from more traditional financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions.

Report highlights need to increase credit access for women owned businesses

Posted on Feb 24 2015 by

Snapshot of Businesses Owned by Women

A recent report from Experian finds that women business owners continue to trail their male counterparts when it comes to commercial and consumer credit scores.

Small business kicks into high gear in Q4 as index sets new record

Posted on Feb 18 2015 by

Experian / Moody's Analytics Small Business Credit Index

Turning the page from recovery to growth, small businesses continue to have access to a wider availability of credit, as credit conditions reached the highest level on record, improving for the third consecutive quarter.

Small Business Brief – Decline in business starts, latest CCI has optimistic outlook

Posted on Feb 11 2015 by


In this edition we cover small business job creation, a disturbing decline in business starts and the latest CCI report which indicates businesses are starting to free up cash holdings.

Top regulatory priorities for the commercial lenders

Posted on Feb 03 2015 by


In many cases business lenders often rely on the commercial credit of the enterprise coupled with the personal credit of the business’s owner when making lending decisions. This is especially true for sole proprietorships and partnerships. To that end, regulatory action and public policy initiatives aimed at consumer credit often times can have a direct impact on commercial lenders. This blog takes a look at some of the top regulatory priorities for business lenders within the credit ecosystem.