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Notifying Credit Reporting Companies about Dispute

Dear Experian,

I used your system to dispute an error on my credit report. I received the confirmation back that the error has been deleted. Do I now have to go to the other credit reporting companies to dispute or will Experian notify them so they will remove the error?


Dear JPH,

Experian will not contact the other national credit reporting companies.

If the creditor removed or changed account information as a result of the dispute, it is required by federal law to notify any national credit reporting company and any other consumer reporting company to which it reports its data of the change.

The law requires lenders to make the notification because only it knows all of the consumer reporting companies to which it reported the information.

It is a good idea to wait a couple of weeks to allow them time to notify the other companies and then check your other credit reports just to be certain the change has been made on them. You can get a free copy of your reports once every 12 months at

Thanks for asking.
– The “Ask Experian” team

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