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Accounts in Collections Show History and Past Due Amount

Dear Experian,

I have a couple of accounts that were purchased by another lender or collection agency. I have paid them off and they do show closed, but they still show a balance. Is this negative? Should I dispute?


Dear RYD,

After an account is sold to another lender or a collection agency, the original account should be updated to show that it has been transferred. However, the account will still show the history of delinquency leading up to the collection status, and it will still show the amount that was past due when the account was sent to collections.

The fully paid account should be updated to show that it is a paid with a zero balance.

If you have reviewed the accounts carefully and feel they are not reporting correctly, please contact Experian to request a dispute. You can dispute information online, by telephone, or by mail, using the contact information provided on your personal credit report.

If mailing your dispute, be sure to specify which accounts are reporting incorrectly, and how you believe they should be reporting instead. Also include your full identification information as described in the dispute instructions provided with your report. Experian needs all of the information to accurately access your report and process your dispute.

We will contact the creditors to verify the information and notify you of the results.

Thanks for asking.
The “Ask Experian” team

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