Several months of recent history needed to calculate credit score

Dear Experian,

I have “N/A” for a credit score. How do I get that corrected? I have been told by the real estate agent that it is because I have no current debt, and my most recent credit history is a payoff two years ago. I do have plenty of bad credit – hospital bills – but I don’t understand why I don’t have a credit score, good, bad or otherwise.



Dear TTL,

Credit scoring systems typically need several months of recent history in order to calculate a score. So, your problem is likely that you simply don’t have enough history to do the calculation.

Without sufficient recent history, the scoring system does not have enough information to accurately predict the likelihood that you will repay the debt as agreed. Your previous history is too far in the past to be meaningful, both the bad and the good.

You will need to reestablish a sufficient record of new activity before a score can be calculated. Start small. Rather than a home loan, you might get a credit card with a small limit or a small loan, perhaps with a cosigner.

Use the credit card, keep the balance low compared to the credit limit, and pay your balance in full each month. It will only take a few months before you will have enough credit history to calculate a credit score. Eventually you will very likely be able to qualify for the home mortgage. It will just take time, patience and demonstrating that you can manage credit well.

Thanks for asking.

- The “Ask Experian” team

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