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Lenders must update other bureaus of dispute results


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Credit Advice

Lenders must update other bureaus of dispute results

Dear Experian,

If I dispute a credit report from a creditor with Experian and they correct it, does Experian notify the other two credit agencies? Or, do I have to dispute the report with them, also?


Dear KSH,

Experian doesn’t notify the other credit reporting agencies about the results of the dispute. That is the responsibility of the source of the information.

There is a simple reason for the requirement. Only the source of the information knows which consumer reporting agencies receive its data.

Account information isn’t always reported to all three of the national credit reporting companies. Also, there are many types of consumer reporting agencies that may have received the information. For example, there are debit bureaus that have checking account information, background checking companies, and others.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that if information is changed or deleted, the source of that information – a bank, collection agency, credit card company, etc. – must send notification of the change to any consumer agencies to which they originally reported the data.

Experian has no way to know who all of those organizations are or if they received the information. However, the credit reporting companies worked cooperatively to develop a dispute processing system that automatically sends updates from the source to the other credit reporting companies to which they report data, no matter which one initiated the dispute on behalf of the consumer. That helps ensure that the incorrect information is correctly reported in the national credit reporting systems.

For your peace of mind, you might wait 30 days after you have had information updated through the dispute process and then check your report with the other credit reporting companies to verify that the change was made in all systems.

Thanks for asking.

- The "Ask Experian" team

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