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Vanpool inquiry should not affect credit scores


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Credit Advice

Vanpool inquiry should not affect credit scores

Dear Experian,

I applied as a volunteer vanpool driver with my state. They need to pull my credit report. In doing so, will this inquiry lower my credit rating?


Dear IAI,

The inquiry should not affect your credit scores, which are also called credit ratings.

The state likely needs to review your credit report for insurance and security reasons. Those reasons are in the same category as reviewing your report for employment purposes.

Neither insurance nor employment inquiries affect credit scores. Inquiries for those purposes only appear on your personal report so that you have a complete record of who has accessed it. They are not provided to lenders or others, so cannot be considered in a credit score.

The only situation where such an inquiry could affect your credit scores is if the state enters its request as a standard inquiry for credit purposes. If so, the inquiry would be shown to others and could have some impact on your credit scores. That impact typically would be very small.

Thanks for asking.

- The "Ask Experian" team

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